Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Attorneys


If your doctor acts negligently or cause you to be injured as a result of a failure to meet/follow ordinary practices you may be entitled to damages…


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Anesthesia Mistakes


Anesthesia mistakes are most often thought of as occurring in an operating room, however they can occur during labor and delivery, in pre-op and recovery rooms, during dental procedures, and during numerous out-patient procedures in clinics and doctor’s offices.

Cerebral Palsy


Any damage to a developing brain (whether genetic or from an injury), may cause cerebral palsy. Failure to identify complications during pregnancy, which results in injury, is an example of medical malpractice.

Contaminated Water


Many carcinogens and dangerous chemicals can seep into your drinking water. In almost every case, the damage could have been prevented if companies and governments safeguarded citizens from toxic contaminants.

ER-Hospital Negligence


If a doctor or other hospital employee is careless, did not have the proper skills or just simply ignored the rules and procedures, the hospital may be held responsible for a patient’s injuries.

Hepatitis, HIV Exposure


Thousands of patients who underwent surgery may have been exposed to hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV during their operations.

Nursing Home Abuse


Nursing home neglect can occur when a patient does not receive the emotional, physical and psychological care needed to maintain a quality of life.

Birth Injuries


One of the most tragic events a new parent can face is being told their child has suffered a birth injury. This news becomes even more traumatic when the parents learn their child’s injury could have been prevented.

Erbs Palsy


Children born with Erbs Palsy can suffer partial or total paralysis of this part of the body. When Erbs Palsy occurs, it usually results from a difficult birth.



The public greatly values the opinions and diagnoses of medical doctors and when our healthcare providers fail to diagnose a patient properly, resulting in serious injury or even death, they should be held accountable.