Wrongful Death

service_wrongful-deathWrongful death is the result of one persons negligence that leads to anothers death. A wrongful death case may arise in a number of different contexts, including car accidents, construction site accidents, swimming pool accidents, medical malpractice, even slip and fall accidents and fires in the home.


The goal of a wrongful death case and our wrongful death attorneys is not to correct the damage done to your family but to ensure theyre protected in the future. A husband who is the only provider for his family, with no life insurance, who passes as a result of another’s negligence is a prime example… if he were to pass, his family would be left without the ability to pay basic expenses. We can protect you, and your family!


If someone you love died a wrongful death and you don’t know what to do, you may have a valid claim for those injuries. Call a New York wrongful death lawyer from Gross & Gonzalez now at 718-665-1600.